3 (97) – 2020

Issue:   3 (97) – 2020.



Official documents

  • Basic Rules on Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials. NP-030-19.
  • Original Seismic Hazard Evaluation for Region and Site of a Nuclear Facility in Engineering Surveys and Studies. RB-019-18.
  • Recommendations for Planning and Justification of Technical Maintenance Reduction, Decommissioning of Certain Systems and Elements, Changes in the Number of Operating Personnel of NPP Unit Shut Down for Decommissioning. RB-158-19.
  • Recommendations to Application of Access Control Mechanisms in the System of Accounting and Control of Radioactive Substances and Radioactive Waste. RB-095-20.

International information

  • Review of the Report "Methods of Evaluation and Strengthening of the Regulatory Authority Safety Culture" developed by OECD NEA.
  • List of documents of international organizations approved in 2020.


The official issue. Issued since 1998.

Editorial Board

A. V. Ferapontov, M. I. Miroshnichenko, E. G. Kudryavtsev, V. A. Sidorenko.



Editorial Staff

    A. A. Khamaza, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Chief Editor; R. B. Sharafutdinov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Deputy Chief Editor;
    A. P. Khomyakov, Doctor in Engineering Sciences, E. G. Bugaev, Doctor in Engineering Sciences, O. Yu. Kavun, Doctor in Engineering Sciences, A. Sh. Sakaev, I. P. Sokolov, Doctor in Chemistry, A. A. Stroganov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences;
    A. V. Balalaechnikov, Executive Editor;
    T. V. Sinitsyna, Executive Secretary.


    T. A. Krasotina, D. R. Lukyanova, Editors of the Issue;
    N. R. Bolshakova, A. N. Lukyanov, Computer-Aided Makeup.

Signed to be published on September 16, 2020.

ISSN 2218-8665.
© Nuclear and Radiation Safety.
SEC NRS, 2020.


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