Application experience of models for the rapid assessment of critical safety functions` status of NPP with VVER-type reactors during emergency response trainings
This article provides a brief operation description of the experts from the IAC Rostechnadzor group for assessing and forecasting the technological state of nuclear facilities during emergency response trainings at NPP. VVER computer models application algorithm for assessing the state and forecast of the development of the accident is presented.
Development of models for the rapid assessment of critical safety functions` status of NPP with VVER-type reactors
This article provides us the description of computer models of nuclear power units with VVER reactors, operating in Russia. Models are developed for the computational support of experts from the IAC Rostechnadzor. The principles of modeling of basic systems of nuclear power unit and its features are presented.
On nuclear security regulation trends
Recognition that malicious acts by adversaries can cause the undesirable radiological effects on the population, personnel and the environment has led to creation of a number of the international mechanisms directed to counteraction to this threat. Within the IAEA concept of nuclear security the extensive program has been developed, as a result of which implementation of a series of documents on nuclear security for the purpose to share the best practices in the countries which are carrying out or intending to carry out programs with nuclear materials and radiation sources usage has been created.


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This journal, in addition to publication of academic papers and scientific reviews in respect to the most principal questions of nuclear and radiation safety provision, it also covers the final revisions of the federal regulations and rules in the sphere of nuclear and radiation safety approved by Rostechnadzor, their drafts and amendments thereto. It highlights issues on state regulation of safety when implementing the use of atomic energy; it presents information about violations at operation of nuclear facilities. The texts of regulatory documents and lists of regulatory documents (revised) are being published in this journal.