Methodological features of nuclear safety analysis during storage of non-irradiated nuclear fissile materials
Optimization of all-season radiation surveys of territories in conditions of intensive exploitation of Russian macroregions
Safety justification methodology for aqueous homogeneous reactor vessel replacement
Rules for Design and Operation of Safety-Related Ventilation Systems of Nuclear Power Plants (NP-036-23)
Rules of Physical Protection of Radioactive Substances and Individual Nuclear Materials during Transportation (NP-073-23)
Recommendations for the Use of Access Controls in the System of Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (RB-098-23)


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This journal, in addition to publication of academic papers and scientific reviews in respect to the most principal questions of nuclear and radiation safety provision, it also covers the final revisions of the federal regulations and rules in the sphere of nuclear and radiation safety approved by Rostechnadzor, their drafts and amendments thereto. It highlights issues on state regulation of safety when implementing the use of atomic energy; it presents information about violations at operation of nuclear facilities. The texts of regulatory documents and lists of regulatory documents (revised) are being published in this journal.