4 (90) – 2018

Issue:   4 (90) – 2018.

Nuclear and Radiation Safety, No. 4(90) – 2018. Quarterly scientific and practical journal of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia.



Official documents

  • Recommendations on the Development of the Probabilistic Safety Analysis for Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facilities. RB-116-17.
  • Recommendations on the Structure and Content of the Provision on Accounting and Control of Nuclear Material in Organizations Involved in Nuclear Material Handling, and Instructions on Accounting and Control of Nuclear Material in the Material Balance Area. RB-118-17.
  • The recommended methods for parameters calculation needed to develop standards for permissible discharges of radioactive substances into the water bodies. RB-126-17.
  • Establishment and Monitoring Methods of Lifetime Performance Characteristics of NPP pumps. RB-133-17.
  • Recommendations on the Methods and Instruments of Control over Radioactive Substances Releases into the Atmosphere. RB-135-17.

International information

  • List of international organizations' documents approved in 2018.

The official issue. Issued since 1998.

Editorial Board

A. V. Ferapontov, M. I. Miroshnichenko, E. G. Kudryavtsev, V. A. Sidorenko.



Editorial Staff

    A. A. Khamaza, Chief Editor; R. B. Sharafutdinov, Deputy Chief Editor; 
    A. P. Khomyakov, E. G. Bugaev, O. M. Kovalevich, O. Yu. Kavun, A. Sh. Sakaev, I. P. Sokolov, V. Sh. Plekhanov, A. A. Stroganov; 
    A. V. Balalaechnikov, Executive Editor; 
    T. V. Sinitsyna, Executive Secretary; 
    E. A. Dorogavtseva, Editor of the Issue; 
    N. R. Bolshakova, Computer-Aided Makeup.

Signed to be published on December 25, 2018.

ISSN 2218-8665. 
© Nuclear and Radiation Safety. 
SEC NRS, 2018.


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