2 (88) – 2018

Issue:   2 (88) – 2018.

Issue No. 88 of the “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” Periodical has come out. The on-line version of the Periodical is available on the website and in our free mobile application (Android, iOS).



Official documents

  • Basic Requirements for Operation Lifetime Extension of a Nuclear Power Plant Unit. NP-017-18.
  • Regulations for Assessment of Conformity of Products, for which the Requirements to Safety in the Field of Atomic Energy Use are Established, as well as of Processes of Design (including Surveys), Production, Construction, Erection, Pre-Commissioning, Operation, Storage, Transport, Implementation, Utilization and Disposal. NP-071-18.
  • Structure and Content of a NPP Unit Reactor Plant Certificate. RB-137-17.
  • Emergency Monitoring Systems for VVER-Type Nuclear Power Plants. General Recommendations and Nomenclature of Monitored Parameters. RB-140-17.
  • Recommendations on Accounting of Changes in Operation Conditions of Systems and Elements of the Shutdown Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facility, when Estimating the Possibility to Reduce the Scope of Maintenance, and on Introduction of the Relevant Changes to the Operating Documentation of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities. RB-144-18.

International information

  • List of International Organizations’ Documents Approved in 2018.

The official issue. Issued since 1998.

Editorial Board

A. V. Ferapontov, M. I. Miroshnichenko, E. G. Kudryavtsev, V. A. Sidorenko.



Editorial Staff

    A. A. Khamaza, Chief Editor; R. B. Sharafutdinov, Deputy Chief Editor;
    A. P. Khomyakov, E. G. Bugaev, O. M. Kovalevich, O. Yu. Kavun, A. Sh. Sakaev, I. P. Sokolov, V. Sh. Plekhanov, A. A. Stroganov;
    A. V. Balalaechnikov, Executive Editor;
    T. V. Sinitsyna, Executive Secretary;
    E. A. Dorogavtseva, Editor of the Issue;
    N. R. Bolshakova, Computer-Aided Makeup.

Signed to be published on June 28, 2018.

ISSN 2218-8665.
© Nuclear and Radiation Safety.
SEC NRS, 2018.


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