3 (85) – 2017

Issue:   3 (85) – 2017.

“Nuclear and Radiation Safety” Periodical No. 85 (the third issue of this year) has been issued. The Periodical on-line version will be available on our web-site and in our free mobile application.


  • Bylkin B.K., Kozhevnikov A.N., Engovatov I.A., Sinyushin D.K. Radiation Shielding Induced Activity in the Challenge for Nuclear Installation Decommissioning.
  • Zherebtsov A.A., Varlakov A.P., Germanov A.V., Melnikov M.V., Korotkov A.S., Eltsin V.F., Churakov A.K. Method for Assessment of Alpha- and Beta- Emitting Radionuclide Content in Radiochemical Production RAW by the Matrix of Present Gamma-Emitting Radionuclides.
  • Kryukov A.M., Rubtsov V.S. Assessment of the Effectiveness of Low-Temperature “Wet” Annealing for VVER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessels.
  • Ekidin A.A., Antonov K.L., Vasilyev A.V., Vasyanovich M.E., Pyshkina M.A., Kuryndin A.V., Shapovalov A.S., Antushevsky A.S., Semenov M.A., Murashova E.L., Kapustin I.A., Filatov I.Yu. Assessment of Tritium Escape into Atmosphere from the Spray Ponds of the Balakovo NPP in Cold Seasons.

Official documents

  • Safety Rules for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Nuclear Installations Decommissioning. NP-057-17.
  • Facilities on Production of Plutonium-Involving Nuclear Fuel. Safety Requirements. NP-098-17.
  • Recommendations on Development of Quality Assurance Programs for Transportation of Radioactive Materials. RB-110-16.
  • Methodological Recommendations on Implementation of Radiation Safety Supervision at Geophysical Survey Sites Using Radiation Sources.
  • Methodological Recommendations on Implementation of Radiation Safety Supervision at Radioisotope Devices Operation.

International information

  • List of International Organizations' Documents Approved in 2017.


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