4 (82) – 2016

Issue:   4 (82) – 2016.


Quarterly Academic and Research Periodical of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service Official Journal issued since 1998.

№ 4(82)-2016.

Editorial Board: A. V. Ferapontov, M. I. Miroshnichenko, Ye. G. Kudryavtsev, V. A. Sidorenko.

Founder: SEC NRS.

Prepared to be published on December 30, 2016.

Editorial Team: Alexander Khamaza – Chief Editor, Rashet Sharafutdinov – Deputy Chief Editor; A. Khomyakov, Yevgeny G. Bugaev, Oleg M. Kovalevich, Oleg Yu. Kavun, Valeriy P. Slutsker, Ivan P. Sokolov, Valeriy Sh. Plekhanov, Albert Sh. Sakaev, Anatoliy A. Stroganov; Tatiana V. Sinitsyna – Executive Editor.

Editor of the issue: Yevgeniya Dorogavtseva,  desktop publishing: Nadezhda Bolshakova.



Official documents

  • “General Safety Provisions for Radiation Sources. General requirements to demonstration of strength and thermal and mechanical behavior of fuel assemblies and fuel elements in core of water-moderated power reactors”, NP- 038-16
  • “Nuclear Safety Rules of Critical Test Facilities”, NP-008-16.
  • Amendments to the Federal regulations and rules in the field of the use of atomic energy “Provision for the Procedure of Announcement of Emergency, Prompt Information Communication and Arrangement for Emergency Assistance to Nuclear Power Plants in Case of Radiation-Hazardous Situations”.

Draft regulatory documents

  • “Safety Rules for NFC Nuclear Installations Decommissioning”, NP-057-ХХ.
  • “General requirements to strength justification of VVER reactor internals”, NP-XXX-XX.

International Information

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SEC NRS, 2016.

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