2 (80) – 2016

Issue:   2 (80) – 2016.


Quarterly Academic and Research Periodical of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service Official Journal issued since 1998.

№ 2(80)-2016.

Editorial Board: A. V. Ferapontov, M. I. Miroshnichenko, Ye. G. Kudryavtsev, V. A. Sidorenko.

Founder: SEC NRS.

Editorial Team: Alexander Khamaza – Chief Editor, Rashet Sharafutdinov – Deputy Chief Editor; Yevgeny G. Bugaev, Oleg M. Kovalevich, Oleg Yu. Kavun, Valeriy P. Slutsker, Ivan P. Sokolov, Valeriy Sh. Plekhanov, Albert Sh. Sakaev, Anatoliy A. Stroganov; Tatiana V. Sinitsyna – Executive Editor.

Editor of the issue: Yevgeniya Dorogavtseva,  desktop publishing: Nadezhda Bolshakova.



  • Anatolij BUKRINCKIJ, Mikhail LANKIN, Rashet SHARAFUTDINOV, Mikhail MIROSHNICHENKO, Viktor SIDORENKO, Valerij BERKOVICH. “General Safety Provisions for Nuclear Power Plants”: updated and put into force”.

Official documents

  • “ Rules for arrangement and safe operation of equipment and pipelines of nuclear power installations”, NP - 089-15.
  • “Provision for the Procedure of Announcement of Emergency Situation, Prompt Information Communication and Arrangement for Emergency Assistance to Nuclear Power Plants in Case of Radiation-Hazardous Situations”, NP- 005-16.
  • “Rules of Design and Operation of Confinement Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants”, NP- 010-16.

Draft regulatory documents

  • “Requirements to safety-important control systems of nuclear power plants”, NP-026-ХХ.

ISSN 2218-8665.

© Nuclear and Radiation Safety.

SEC NRS, 2016.

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