On nuclear security regulation trends

Author:   Krupchatnikov B. Issue:   1(87) – 2018.

Recognition that malicious acts by adversaries can cause the undesirable radiological effects on the population, personnel and the environment has led to creation of a number of the international mechanisms directed to counteraction to this threat. Within the IAEA concept of nuclear security the extensive program has been developed, as a result of which implementation of a series of documents on nuclear security for the purpose to share the best practices in the countries which are carrying out or intending to carry out programs with nuclear materials and radiation sources usage has been created.

Introduction of “site nuclear security” concept became the practical form of implementation of the concept of physical nuclear security. Permanent monitoring of threats, tracking of trends and the analysis of national experience of the State Members has allowed to develop the approaches for the complex solution of the physical nuclear security issues. Comparison of the Russia`s regulatory policies using in nuclear security, and the current trends reflected in documents of IAEA is given in work. Considerations regarding possible harmonization of them for the purpose to decrease the risks associated with nuclear security events are given.


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