Development and implementation of a seismic monitoring system based on the safety guide “Seismic monitoring of areas siting hazardous nuclear or radiological facilities” (RB-142-18)

Authors:   Kishkina S. B., Bugaev E. G., Lobodenko I. Yu. Issue:   1 (99) – 2021.

The article reveals some basic principles of constructing a seismic monitoring system of sites for the location of nuclear and radiation hazardous objects, reflected in safety guide for the use of nuclear energy “Seismic Monitoring of Areas Siting Hazardous Nuclear or Radiological Facilities” (RB-142-18). The main intention is paid to the need to register small seismic events, as well as the choice of monitoring systems capable of such registration. The physical basis of the requirements for the choice of measurement methods and instruments is considered. In conditions of rare tectonic events, one way of the constructed system conformity assessment is the registration of quarry explosions signals; possible ways of their discrimination are described.

The solution to the problem of assessing the possible manifestation of seismic and geodynamic processes in the territory of the location of nuclear and radiation hazardous objects cannot be completely unified.

Such a task should be solved with reliable scientific justification for each specific object, taking into account its features. Safety Guide RB-142-18 provides a solution algorithm based on world experience in seismological monitoring, which can be adapted to any local conditions.

Keywords: monitoring, weak seismic signals, NPP area, nuclear and radiation hazardous object, seismic network, seismic array.

Article language: Russian. Pp. 28–42. DOI: 10.26277/SECNRS.2021.99.1.003.

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