Development and application of nondestructive measurements of nuclear materials in depositions, aggregations and wastes

Authors:   Khorun A. A., Semenov M. A., Galuzin D. D., Romadova S. I. Issue:   4 (98) – 2020.

In compliance with the Federal Rules and Regulations for the Use of Nuclear Energy NP-030-19, nuclear material weights in the in-process losses, deposits and accumulated stocks, as well as their errors are to be determined based on measurement procedures or computational techniques adopted by the organization. Fundamental principles of the approach applied for development and approval of the procedures for measurement of nuclear material weights with the use of a gamma-spectrometric method in deposits in the process equipment (air ducts, pipelines), in the materials accumulated on the filters of the gas-cleaning system and in the waste products are provided. Specific features of development and approval of these measurement procedures are described. The results of development and implementation of these procedures at FSUE “Mayak” PA are presented, outcomes of their testing at real items subject to monitoring are provided.

Keywords: depositions, aggregations, nuclear materials, gamma-spectrometry, computational methods.

Article language: Russian. Pp. 3–12. DOI: 10.26277/SECNRS.2021.98.4.001.


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