Radiation safety studies of fresh fuel handling at increased content of even uranium isotopes in the raw material on RBMK-1000 nuclear power plants

Authors:   Geraskin I. N., Myasnikov A. A., Smirnova A. K. Issue:   1 (91) – 2019.
The article presents the results of radiation safety calculation studies of handling with fresh fuel with maximum permissible concentrations of 232U, 234U and 236U isotopes in the fuel pellets of RBMK-1000 reactor. It is shown that during handling with this fuel composition the dose rates from fuel assembly and transport and packing set are increased due to the increased content of 232U. As a consequence, the dose rates to nuclear plant personnel are also increased. If the time between enriched uranium hexafluoride producing and reactor fuel loading is limited, dose rates to nuclear plant personnel do not exceed regulatory limits.


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